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  Welcome to the new website for The Church of Jesus Christ - Southwest Region!  

The Church of Jesus Christ (a restoration Christian church) with headquarters in Monongahela, Pennsylvania is established throughout North, Central and South America, in addition to Europe, Africa and Asia. More specifically, The Church of Jesus Christ in ‘The Southwest Region’ consists of a number of congregations throughout Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.


The Southwest Region, when united with the other Regions throughout the United States and world, form the entire body of The Church of Jesus Christ. Every location preaches and teaches the same doctrine and follows the same administrative procedures. Typically, our congregations number less than 100 members. Our buildings are small and simple, and as growth occurs, we ‘branch out’ accordingly. This is how the Southwest Region has grown over the past 30 years. A focus on preaching ‘The restored Gospel of Christ’ among the Native American people has resulted in congregations on reservations throughout the Region and Central and South America.


  What is the Purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ?  

We believe the purpose of The Church of Jesus Christ is to share the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, His promises and His redeeming love with all nations and races throughout the world and to carry out God’s plans in the latter days.


We believe that The Church should be a place:

¨       To establish, develop and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

¨       To grow in grace through song, worship, testimony, fasting and prayer.

¨       To enjoy the love of God and fellowship by ‘working’ with others of the same desire

¨       To understand and learn the Holy Scriptures though adult class study

¨       To teach and nurture children according to God’s Word through Sunday School and youth groups

¨       To strengthen marriages and families

¨       To better understand the Lord’s will in our lives


We invite you to visit and worship with us at any of the locations within the Southwest Region or contact us at contacts@thechurchofjesuschrist-southwest.org if you have any questions.


As a note of clarification, despite being similar in name, we are not affiliated with the Church of Christ or with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – also known as the Mormon Church.

 Region Leadership
Pete Giannetti
Michael Watson - 1st
Joe Ignagni - 2nd